“Murder” is on Amazon!

MSS Kindle CoverMurder has never been so portable!

Murder at the Shootin’ Show!, my murder-mystery dinner theater that spoofs the wild west, is now available on Kindle at Amazon!

Scripts will also be available for Direct Download starting July 9th, just in time for Fall and Winter productions! Email for details and production rights.

Click here for a sample of the scriptMurder at the Shootin’ Show_Sample

For more about Murder at the Shootin’ Showcontinue reading or click the image to learn more on Amazon!

“Lonely Meadow is a small outpost in the wastelands of Nevada, but when word hits that death-defying sharp-shooter Snaketooth Johnson is comin’ to town, the locals are beside themselves! But when the night of the show comes and the big celebrity arrives, Snaketooth is found dead in his hotel room – and one of his old acquaintances is certainly to blame. It’s up to Sheriff Bogart Backwash and his team of audience-member sleuths to smoke out the killer’s identity! 

An interactive dinner-theater experience, “Murder at the Shootin’ Show!” does mystery like no other play. Packed with hilarious characters highlighting the best, worst, and silliest of the wild west genre, “Murder at the Shootin’ Show!” is a wild event for any theater, school, or community. The script encourages improvisation and audience interaction, and with multiple endings and plenty of surprises, audiences are always in for a howlin’ good time! 

Cast: 18 roles, 7M, 11F, though some are interchangeable. 9 of these roles can be considered “leads”. 



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