FREE Mystery Dinner Party!

Gather with friends and family for a night of dinner, comedy, and mystery!

Taking on one of 8 unique roles, arrive to the party in costume and character, playing your assigned role.

As the evening meal progresses from one course to another, learn more information about your own character’s history and the dirt he/she has on others! Finally, as dessert is served, vote on who you believe to be guilty of the crime-in-question.

One does not need any theatrical experience to enjoy a Mystery Dinner-Party, but a sense of humor can go a long way! The more everyone stays in-character and plays up the drama, the greater the odds of someone shooting wine out their nose from laughing too hard. A Mystery Dinner-Party is a party that friends and family will remember for years.


Sounds fun! What’s the story with this FREE Mystery Dinner-Party?


LLCloseBeloved stock car driver Burt Pabsthardt seemed to be on top of the world. Finishing top 5 in almost every race, he was poised to win professional racing’s most coveted prize: NAFCAR’s Carburetor Cup.

Until the Albuquerque 400.

On the last lap of NAFCAR’s signature race, Burt was in the lead, pushed along by his partner, Dusty Torque. But as he rounded the final turn into the home stretch he spun out of control, ramming the wall at over 200 miles per hour. He flipped upside-down, slid a good half-mile, then finally came to a flaming stop. Burt was pronounced dead at the scene.


How do I get this “FREE Mystery Dinner-Party“?

  1. Click this link, or the words “FREE Mystery Dinner-Party” above;
  2. Enter your email address;
  3. Check your email and find the direct-download link!


You mean…I have to print it out?

Well, yeah…. You have to do the exhausting work of downloading a whopping five files. *sigh* (WordPress wouldn’t let me upload a zip folder…)

But it only requires 25 pieces of paper. And some scissors, staples, and tape. Easy, right?

So just hit one of the links, enter your email, and get your hands on The Last Lap of Burt Pabsthardt!


I just had a Burt Pabsthardt Dinner Mystery-Party!

Great! Please email pictures or testimonials to and your party may be featured on the blog!

The Last Lap of Burt Pabsthardt © NoahDavid Lein, 2013


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