The Horror of “Haunted”


Prepare to uncover the hidden mysteries and terrors of Murkenshire Manor!

Carefully strategize with your team to explore the depths of the Manor and collect evidence of its paranormal occupants. Use your Researcher’s unique special ability as you struggle to remain courageous while the horrors of Murkenshire close in around you.

Hide from frightening Apparitions and powerful Creatures as you document their presence, then get your evidence to the exit before its too late. The Manor will only tolerate your team’s presence for so long – and it may turn your closet ally against you!

Will you be able to collect enough evidence of its haunting and make it out alive? 

Playtest #1: Let’s Get Scared!

Pre-game Set-up from Alpha Test 1. Baby toys in the background are not a part of the game. 🙂

HAUNTED: The Murkenshire Horror is a tile-laying game of exploration and strategic decision-making for 2-6 Players.

Starting in the Manor’s “Foyer”, a team of Researchers plumb the depths of the condemned mansion by drawing and laying tiles that create a winding network of corridors and rooms. With each tile, Researchers draw Tile Cards that reveal any number of discoveries. Some are good, such as Bandages to heal lost Life points; some are bad, such as terrifying screams that do nothing but lower the dwindling Courage of the Researchers.

Since players draw blindly from a bag of 98 mixed tiles, every game of HAUNTED will provide a completely new Manor for the Researchers to explore!

HAUNTED Researcher Board
Researcher Board from Alpha Test 1; all text and game design is copyrighted by the author.

Each of the 20 Researchers possesses a unique story, special ability, and skill set. Some Researchers can collect evidence of ghosts and monsters more quickly and easily; others can move throughout the Manor with greater speed; and others are great team players by bolstering the Courage or Actions of Researchers around. The Researchers possess varying levels of Life, Courage, and Evasion, so no two are the same.

With so many Researcher combinations possible, every game of HAUNTED will require players to devise new strategies to survive and Manor and its horrors!

Midgame Board
Manor after 1 hour of play during Alpha Test 1; black tokens indicate Darkness (Researchers need a flashlight or candle to pass).

To achieve Victory, the team of Researchers needs to collect Evidence tokens by encountering Apparitions and Creatures. But doing so doesn’t come easy. The grisly residents of Murkenshire Manor grow quickly and can become dangerous foes from which there is no escape. The Researchers do not carry weapons – the only option is to run and hide. To meet their goal, the Researchers will need to be decisive and cautious in choosing which Apparitions and Creatures to document, or else their very lives could pay the price!

It will take teamwork, strategy, and luck to get out of Murkenshire Manor alive and with proof of its paranormal presences. But the Manor’s violent past may have a way of hurting the Researchers today. The vindictive spirit of the Manor’s previous master, Albertus Van Gile, threatens to possess one of the Researchers and turn him or her against the others. In a game with 4 or more players, one Researcher’s secret Role is exactly that – the Possessed! His or her goal is to prevent the Researchers from escaping the Manor with their evidence.

Who will be victorious – the team of Researchers, or the Manor and its possessed defender?


UPDATE: Playtest #2: A Victorious 2-Player Game!

Over roughly 90 minutes, Mrs. NoahDavid and I fought our way through the Manor and, despite a terribly close call with a powerful Apparition, we escaped with the required 8 pieces of Evidence!

A bird's-eye view of the Manor Board once we escaped!
A bird’s-eye view of the Manor Board once we escaped!

The game can unleash 8 Apparitions and 5 Creatures upon the Researchers. Amazingly, we only encountered 1 truly dangerous Apparition. To meet our goal of collecting Evidence of it, we sent both of our Researchers right towards it to start their work.

But the Apparition began to grow, and grow FAST! Soon it was able to sense us up to 5 Tiles away and it cornered NoahDavid’s Researcher (the valiant military man, Maximus Brilience) and paralyzed him with fear. Thankfully, though, Natalie was able to come and revive him with an Adrenaline Shot so they could bolt for the Exit with their Evidence!

Playtest #2 - Exit
Safely at the Exit with our pile of Evidence!

We uncovered a small page of corrections this time around and the game shows a lot of promise! The need for strategy and teamwork is paramount, so it should create plenty of excitement with larger groups of 4 or more players…especially when a player is secretly “Possessed” by the Manor and works against the efforts of the team!

The State of the Game: 

HAUNTED is currently undergoing play-testing by invitation only. To request more information about the game and purchasing a copy, email NoahDavid:

 HAUNTED: The Murkenshire Horror © NoahDavid Lein, 2014


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