I Am David H. Safford

The Short Version

From now on, I will no longer publish as “NoahDavid Lein.”

You will find my work under the name “David H. Safford,” and my work will be hosted at my new home:


The Long Version

Why David H. Safford?

My goal is to share my writing with as many readers as possible.

And in a crowded, noisy world, it is important to remove all barriers to recognition and trust.

And while I enjoy my name and all of its singularity, it has been a consistent barrier to relationships and trust in my life.

By shaving away the “Noah” in “NoahDavid,” I can present a familiar name to my readers. And by using my middle name, “Safford,” (the maiden name of my paternal grandmother), I can be true to myself while presenting readers with a unique yet simple surname to know and remember.

As for that “H” in the middle? My grandfather’s middle name is “Henry” – so why not?

So I hope you will join me at my new home: DavidHSafford.com!


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