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As NoahDavidWriter.com grows, so will the content on this page. Don’t worry about checking back, though – I’ll be sure to let you know when something new is coming your way!

To learn more about NoahDavid, check out his Bio Page.

Want some Story Coaching? Get started with this Pixar-inspired article.

Are you a fan of Disney’s Frozen? Then read NoahDavid’s most popular post, a controversy-raising critique of the beloved film, here!


Subscriber Bonus: The Last Lap of Burt Pabsthardt

Have you ever had the privilege of participating in a mystery-dinner party? If not, get ready for a hilarious and thrilling experience!

To download The Last Lap of Burt Pabsthardt and begin planning your Mystery Dinner-Party, click and save ALL 5 of the following documents:

LLoBP – Instructions (PDF)

LLoBP – Invitation Templates (Docx)

LLoBP – Host Book (PDF)

LLoBP – Character Books (PDF)

LLoBP – Evidence (PDF)

Get started by reading “LLoBP – Instructions” – be careful not to read the last three documents if you are going to play a role in the party and don’t want to stumble upon spoilers!

Have fun!

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