Murder at the Shootin’ Show!

MatSS Cover7M  11F  – Some interchangeable

Lonely Meadow is a small outpost in the wastelands of Nevada. When word hits that death-defying sharp-shooter Snaketooth Johnson is comin’ to town, the locals are beside themselves! As the night of the show arrives and the big celebrity makes his presence known, Snaketooth is found dead in his hotel room – and one of his old acquaintances is certainly to blame! It’s up to Sheriff Bogart Backwash and his team of audience-member sleuths to smoke out the killer’s identity and bring him, or her, to justice! With multiple endings based on audience participation, Murder at the Shootin’ Show! is an interactive dinner theater experience that does mystery like no other. Packed with hilarious characters show-casing the best, worst, and silliest of the old west genre, Murder at the Shootin’ Show! is a wild event for any theater, school, or community. The script encourages improvisation and localization, so audiences are always in for a howlin’ good time!

The Last Lafaye: A Dramatic Thriller

TLL Cover_KINDLE_Thriller8M, 10F, 2 either gender, 3-6 Servants

Isabel would love to have a normal wedding and marry her fiancé, Nolan. But life isn’t normal as the last daughter of New Orleans’
famous Lafaye family. On the night of the rehearsal dinner, Nolan goes missing as distant relatives pack the Lafaye Family Manor and Isabel suspects that her paranoid mother, Natasha, might be to blame! Things only get worse as paranormal events jolt the celebration and horrifying family secrets come to light. What sins lurk behind the Lafaye family’s legacy? Whose blood must be spilled to right past wrongs?

A gripping tale of drama and horror, The Last Lafaye is a thrilling story of love, lies, and the cost of power. This mainstage production engrosses audience members with sharp dialogue and heart-pounding action as Isabel learns the truth about the dreaded curse on her family, and risks everything to redeem every Lafaye, once and for all.

The Last Lafaye: A Murder-Mystery Dinner Theater

TLL Cover_KINDLE_Dinner8M, 10F, 8-10 either gender, Servers

The horror of The Last Lafaye serves up a thrilling dish in this dinner theater adaptation! This production surrounds audience members with interactive scenes and heart-pounding action, as Isabel learns the truth about the dreaded curse on her family and risks everything to redeem all Lafayes, once and for all.

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