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David H. Safford at Write To Done!

I’m publishing as David H. Safford at one of the best blogs for writers out there: Write To Done!

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22 Struggles Only A Writer Can Understand

Living the Writer Life has its struggles.

And dealing with Internet A.D.D. is one of them.

How many times have you seen a title like the one you just clicked? Seriously – How many times a day do you see a Facebook or Buzzfeed list catering to an interest group, itemizing the grief of such a lifestyle?

As writers, we have a duty. A mandate. A mantle of responsibility to tackle life’s problems with Storynot lists of “Struggles”.

And in this noisy, base world of Exclusion Lists, it’s only getting harder.  Continue reading 22 Struggles Only A Writer Can Understand

3 Secrets to Creating Great Characters

Human beings are complicated creatures.

So are characters.

Yet the creation of great characters can be surprisingly simple.

Sure, you’ll eventually discover ways to layer your characters with depth and nuance. But as you plan and draft your story, you need to be laser-focused on these 3 simple and effective character traits to begin telling a powerful story. Continue reading 3 Secrets to Creating Great Characters

How to Focus and Create Insanely Useful Content

Writing useful content isn’t easy.

Whether you’re scheduling a week of tweets, composing a blog post, or assembling an entire eBook to give away for free on your website, you are probably like me and trying to make it as insanely useful as possible.

But it’s tough. Continue reading How to Focus and Create Insanely Useful Content

Better With Age: Growing With Your Story

As I say ‘Farewell’ to my 31st birthday, I’m tempted to think that the best is behind me, that my opportunities to find success and joy are lost to regret.

This temptation can’t be farther from the truth. In fact, it is riddled with lies and foolishness.

Being a writer truly gets better with age.

Continue reading Better With Age: Growing With Your Story

7 Indispensable Writing Resources

A carpenter has his tools, an artist her brushes, and a musician his instrument.

As a writer, you’re no different.

And other than your quill or keyboard, there are indispensable resources you should be taking advantage of in order to keep your best writing flowing.

Here are 7 of them, in no particular order. Continue reading 7 Indispensable Writing Resources